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Habitat Ecologique et Liberté des Primates

We welcome the field, volunteers coming for a minimum stay of 3 months ready to help us.

Eco-volunteers help facilitate the smooth running of camp life (cleaning, cooking, various chores) and various activities on site (chimpanzees care, planting, building, etc...) under the direction of camp leaders. It may be necessary to assume various additional responsibilities depending on the circumstances. Motivation, openness and adaptability are essential!

You can also enjoy a tax reduction, on the majority of your travel costs (participation fee, tickets...), up to 66% of the total amount paid.

Feeding the Sanctuary chimpanzees

Tracking released chimpanzees
Planting trees

Qualifications :

How to see if this program suits you ?

- You have 6 months available (more if possible)
- You are at least 21 years old (there no age limit , we find retirees just as effective as the young adults)
- You want to help a grassroots program
- Working tirelessly every day with chimpanzees does not scare you (work in camp life and with chimpanzees does not allow for long periods of rest)
- You are ready to live in a secluded area for a long period without contact with family and friends (telephone network and internet not free)
- Living away from our daily comforts and internet does not scare you
- You will put the welfare of chimpanzees and the project before your own (you understand that for the well-being of chimpanzees returning to the wild, you will not be there for mothering or coddeling chimpanzees. This is very important!)
- You are a student, doctor, logistician, mechanic, gardener, vetrinarian, handyman...
- You want to learn
- You want to get a firsthand experience or confirm your skills
- You are open minded and want to understand how to work in a field project
- You are respectful of the rules imposed and in the context of our mission

---------------------- 6 month mission ----------------------

Actually, only long-term missions are available.

---------------------- Long-term mission (more than 6 months) ----------------------

In the field, we have three key executive positions open to volunteers with specific skills; missions last for at least one year.

Vacancies :

  • Senior Veterinarian – responsible for health monitoring of project HELP chimpanzees
  • Veterinary assistant - supporting the Chief Veterinarian
  • Chief of Camp, Triangle , Sanctuary , and Bivouac sites – generally responsible for logistics, team management, supervision or monitoring of reintroduced chimpanzees, material management, training and hosting volunteers, tourists, students, fieldwork, research financing, organization of food stock for staff, supervision of housed chimpanzees, planning and coordination with the project hub in Pointe Noire

Conditions :
  • A 6 month minimum stay
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Speak French
  • Cover of airfare, insurance, and the first three months, and all expenses beyond the living expenses covered by HELP
  • Signing mission contract
  • Submit a report at the finish stay

Qualifications :

  • Veterinary degree, experience with great apes is a plus.
  • Site manager training or experience in managing similar project, training in ecology Highly motivated, strong resistence to stress
  • Experience in an African country is a plus

If you want more information or if you are interested in becoming an eco-volunteer, send a message to stating your age and desired period with a CV and a letter of motivation.