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Habitat Ecologique et Liberté des Primates

The HELP project (Ecological Habitat and Freedom of Primates) consists of two partner organizations : HELP Congo and HELP International.HELP Congo is a Congolese association of law 1901, created in 1990. The field of action of this NGO is the protection of primates, particularly chimpanzees, and their habitat. It acts in the Republic of Congo.

HELP International

HELP International is an association of law 1901, created by former Congo volunteers.
The French Association of North provides logistical, financial and media support to the Congolese association of HELP in the south.
Your donations, memberships, sponsorships are sent to HELP International, who also organizes events and exhibits to support HELP Congo.

The basis of our actions

Biodiversity is under threat around the globe. Thousands of plant and animal species disappear (about 70 per day according to EO Wilson, of Harvard), sometimes before they have even been described or studied. At current rates of deforestation, 90% of great ape habitat in Africa will be gone by 2030.
Beyond that, human populations are threatened as well. Humans and chimpanzees share 98.4% of their genetic profile. The remaining 1.6% makes us responsible for the future of our "cousin".

The mission of HELP Congo is to act for the conservation of primates, their habitat, and everything that ensures this balance. This requires both the protection of nature and awareness of man.

Four major areas of work

HELP Congo creates action in four main areas :
  • "Primates in freedom"
  • "A viable ecological habitat for primates"
  • "Education and information of the environment"
  • "Eco-solidarity"

Primates in Freedom
An Ecological Habitat for Primates
The component "Primates in freedom" is at the heart of HELP's actions since its inception.
It includes :

• Receiving orphaned chimpanzees,
• Reintroduction of chimpanzees in the wild,
• Supporting the Congolese authorities with anti-poaching efforts.
The component "An ecological habitat for primates" is illustrated by :

• The creation of a pilot plantation, investigating methods to help in reforestation,
•Scientific studies on the habitat of primates, in collaboration with ecosystem structure research.

Education and information of the environment

The component "Education and information environment" includes :

• The opening of a "biodiversity center" in Pointe-Noire, open to all and easily accessible,
• Inviting associations fighting for the preservation of the environment to exhibit and participate in the center,
• Presentations in Pointe-Noire schools by four facilitators,
• Waste collection and sorting education on websites managed by two facilitators,
• Permanent photographic exhibition and public library on biodiversity,
• Bi-monthly publications of shared news-gathering on global biodiversity issues,
• Organization of theme days for the general public.


The "Eco-Solidarity" component encourages the active involvement of the public through a partnership with Saïga and Nature Agency and Discovery.
It allows us to communicate our actions and share the magnificent Conkouati-Douli while ensuring the education of local issues by including:

• The reception of persons interested in environmental protection and challenged by the loss of biodiversity in the protected sites of Conkouati Douli National Park,
• Welcoming visitors from Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville,
• And soon, the childcare systems and camps in partnership with oil companies, French schools, etc ...